Artistic Swimming, is an Olympic sport that combines dance, gymnastics, and swimming. Together in teams, duets, or solos, athletes perform choreographed routines set to music that demonstrate their strength, flexibility, and synchronization.


An artistic swimmer builds endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, and flexibility through balanced training. It takes years to produce a world-class artistic swimmer, yet swimmers at any level may enjoy and develop in our sport.

Our Programs

We have programs for athletes of various ages and skill levels. We have our Novice/Intermediate program designed for those who love synchro and, all of its benefits yet prefer less commitment. Contact us to know more about our programs!

About us

Enjoy the best choreography & synchronization 
combined together

The mission of Loreleis is to develop athletes in the sport of synchronized swimming through teamwork, respect and dedication. Our coaches teach athletes lifelong skills including discipline, self-confidence and team work.

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Loreleis Artistic Swimming Apparel

The Loreleis have chosen to partner with Swimoutlet.com for a sponsorship. Here you can purchase our newly updated logo apparel along with other synchro related items.

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